Manual Crimper for Flip Off Caps

Manual Crimper for Flip Off Caps

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Manual Crimper for Flip Off Crimp Caps. Our ergonomically designed manual crimping tools transform the standards of vial crimping and decapping.

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CRS Manual Crimper for Flip Off 13 and 20 mm crimp caps. The product design features tough, light glass-filled plastic body with curved handles which improve hand comfort during use compared to metal grip designs. The bottom-pull handle allows for a steadier hold than top-push handles. An easily-viewed adjustment knob is located at the head of the decapper. The clearly shown + and - symbols along with the directional arrows, simplify adjusting the intensity of the decap needed. The knob is also designed to indicate when the crimp setting has been reached, when it fully contacts the body of the decapper. 

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