Reconditioning Program


What is the Reconditioning Program?

Reconditioning means that CRS empties out the depleted cartridge and fills it with new adsorbents. The CRS reconditioning program allows customers to return their depleted AFS cartridges and order a reconditioned cartridge for a reduced price. This benefits our customers by saving money on cartridges and also helps save the planet by keeping heavy metal cartridges from entering our landfills.

How does it work?

Customers can order a reconditioned cartridge from CRS and then ship their depleted cartridge back in the provided packaging once they have received the reconditioned cartridge. No waiting or instrument downtime!

Shipping of Hazardous Materials?

Unfortunately, high quality gas filters with active adsorbents must sometimes be shipped as hazardous goods, even after use. If you are not certified to ship dangerous goods (which includes small quantity exception) that is still ok! Please contact CRS Technical Support for detailed instructions and safety precautions for depleting cartridges to a non-hazardous level.   

Which products are in the program?

Currently, CRS is only offering the reconditioning program for AFS cartridges and some ZPure Filters. 


Please give us a call today at 502.491.6300 with any questions you may have!


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