Pure-Pass 384 Glass Coated PP V Bottom, Deep Well (10/pk)

Pure-Pass 384 Glass Coated PP V Bottom, Deep Well (10/pk)

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• High clarity, high purity polypropylene

• Ultra clean and ultra low extractables by GC/MS

• Molded in a clean room and are individually bagged for maintaining high purity

• Meets all ANSI and SLAS Standards

• Glass barrier for added protection against extractables

• Surface chemistry like glass could significantly reduce adsorption risk

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Our as-molded, untreated plates are manufactured out of the highest purity polypropylene- making them some of the cleanest plastic plates on the market. Our glass-coated polypropylene well plates go a step further. They introduce a distinctly new product to the market. Coated plates are put through an additional cleaning process and an advanced glass barrier coating. This achieves the lower cost of a plastic plate with the high quality end result of a glass plate. 


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