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CRS designs and manufactures an assortment of manual and electronic crimping tools to meet the diverse array of laboratory crimping and decapping applications. Our commitment to quality and consistency in manufacturing all of our crimping tools, translates to more efficient sampling and less down time for end users due to damaged vials or loose seals.



CRS Crimping Tool Product Lines:


Electronic Crimping Tools:

The CRS Electronic Crimping Tools are ideal for high volume or strenuous crimping/decapping applications. The CRS Electronic Crimping Tools effortlessly crimp aluminum and two-part aluminum/steel caps with just a push of a button. With the CRS Electronic Crimping Tools, end users do not have to suffer with arm strain or fatigue any longer!

  • Powerful motor with a fast cycle
  • Long lasting Lithium Ion battery that will provide up to 800 crimp/decaps per charge with an average recharge time of 1-2 hours
  • Innovative charging system, which includes a warning light when recharging is necessary
  • Can be operated while charging
  • The controls to increase or decrease crimp settlings are conveniently located on top of the unit, preventing accidental adjustment of the settings
  • New Model 6 Crimpers have an OLED Screen for simple operation.

* All Electronic Crimpers are tested on actual vials and caps before shipping. End users receive their Electronic Crimpers fully charged and preprogrammed to an appropriate crimp strength.


High Power Electronic Crimping Tools:

The CRS High Power Electronic Crimping Tools are designed for the most rigorous crimping/decapping applications. The CRS High Power Electronic Crimping Tools deliver a more compressive force than the battery-powered Electronic Crimping Tools, allowing them to easily crimp/decap all steel and magnetic caps.

  • Uses interchangeable jaw sets
  • Designed with an external power source and cord (no battery)
  • Stores separate programs for different caps and seals
  • Optional base and mounting kit available

Manual Crimping Tools:

CRS has advanced the standards of manual crimping tools with our ergonomically designed manual crimpers and decappers. The redesigned manual crimping tools address all of the deficiencies associated with the traditional blocky, metal crimping tools. The CRS manual crimping tools are designed for applications using aluminum caps.

  • Constructed of tough, light-weight plastic that is incredibly durable, but weighs much less than traditional metal crimping tools
  • The curved handles create a natural grip, greatly improving comfort over blocky metal grips
  • Unique bottom-pull technology allows for steadier operation in comparison to top-push handle designs. It is effortless to keep the tapered jaws of the CRS crimper from wobbling during crimping or decapping with the bottom-pull technology.
  • The adjustment knob is easily-viewed and clearly displays + and - symbols along with directional arrows, simplifying the process of adjusting the crimp setting
  • No more extra squeeze required! When the adjustment knob touches the body of the crimper, the desired crimp setting has been reached - significantly reducing arm strain and fatigue associated with traditional manual crimping.
  • Compare to Kebby Crimpers



CRS Cares:

Our attentiveness to our customers results in chromatography accessories that set new levels of value. At CRS, value is defined by quality products, technical support, guaranteed performance, and customer satisfaction. We offer an unrivaled level of expertise in our team of experienced engineers, chemists, and production employees. Whatever the need may be, we will be dedicated to each and every custom project to guarantee customer satisfaction.


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