ZPure PolyGas I Purifiers

ZPure PolyGas I Purifiers

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The PolyGas Filters remove multiple contaminants from your gas supply.

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The ZPure PolyGas I Purifier removes a wide range of contaminants including O2, H2O, CO2, CO, halogenated compounds, siloxanes, hydrocarbons heavier than butane, sulfur-containing molecules, ammonia and other gases. It can be used to purify inert gases, He, Ar, N2, and H2, making it ideal for use with GC and GC/MS carrier gas lines. It is also recommended for any application requiring ultra-pure gas free from oxygen, water and hydrocarbons (heavier than butane). It is available in 4 sizes of stainless steel cylinders ranging from 130 cc to 750 cc. The ZPure PolyGas I Purifier is available with standard compression fittings and quick connect fittings offered in ¼" and 1/8" brass and stainless steel.

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