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High-throughput, automated laboratory workflows demand the highest quality consumables to reduce instrument downtime and minimize the need for repeat analyses. CRS Pure-Pass Well Plates and Sealing Mats are designed and manufactured to stringent quality standards to minimize contaminants that can affect assay results and also for dimensional compliance with ANSI/SLAS ensure compatibility with a wide range of automated equipment.


Minimize Contaminants of Sample Vessels! 

Contamination of samples by leachables in sample containers happens! But this is not always stated clearly by manufacturers or recognized by end users. These leachable contaminants originate not only in the raw materials but may also be introduced during manufacturing, or even packaging. Another common assumption is that sample contamination can only occur after extended sample storage, or that it happens only with very strong solvents.

To be clear, CRS Pure-Pass plates sealing mats are not extractable free, but our selection of raw materials, methods of manufacture, and commitment to testing the finished, packaged product ensures that contaminant levels in Pure-Pass products are amongst the lowest in the industry. 


Pure-Pass Polypropylene Well Plates

CRS Pure-pass well plates are manufactured from a high clarity, high purity polypropylene copolymer with extremely low levels of volatiles and extractables, molded in a cleanroom and lot tested after final packaging. The result is clear with a low extractable profile in common solvents like methanol and acetonitrile. Although extractables profile can appear very similar using a mild polar solvent like methanol, extraction with a less polar solvent like ethyl acetate illustrates more clearly the reduced potential leachables in CRS Pure-Pass Well Plates. For more information on this testing process contact us via email, phone, or chat. 


Pure-Pass Glass Coated Well Plates

CRS Pure-Pass glass coated well plates are manufactured from the same high-quality polypropylene with a glass barrier coating that is applied in an environmentally friendly process. The glass barrier eliminates sample contact with the polypropylene substrate and offers a cost-effective replacement for expensive glass vials and inserts that are used for some applications. The barrier is resistant to solvents which do not swell polypropylene and can be used from -80°C to +80°C. The glass coating also offers a more hydrophilic surface compared to the polypropylene surface, and this altered wetting may reduce adsorption for some types of biomolecules.


Pure-Pass Silicone Sealing Mats

CRS Pure-Pass Sealing Mats protect wells from leaks, contamination, and evaporation during sampling and storage. Pure-Pass Sealing Mats are available in clean room molded EVA and a specially processed low bleed, low-extractable silicone to reduce the risk of sample contamination. A plasma coating is also available to reduce sticking for the silicone mats and pre-slit versions for easier piercing and sample withdrawal.
All Mats are for 96 well plates with 7mm diameter wells. Excellent dimensional conformance with ANSI/SLAS ensures enhanced registration with the plate for ease of application. Each mat has an alphanumeric grid reference.


EVA Mats:

CRS Pure-Pass sealing mats are made from a high purity ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer. They are intended as a cost-effective solution for single use applications.


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