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CRS has developed unique technologies in the course of developing injection port septa for gas chromatographs. This particular application is characterized by:

  • Very high temperatures of operation – to the limit of the material specification
  • Exceedingly tight requirements for low emission of volatile and liquid components
  • A surface that needs to be resistant to sticking

We can assist in material selection, tool design, and product qualification for elastomeric products that require high levels of cleanliness, both superficially and chemically, or that require specially engineered surfaces. Often dramatic improvements in product performance can be obtained by applying CRS processes to existing seals or O-rings without reformulation.


Plasma Coating

  • All Injection port septa are ran through a plasma coating process for a non-stick surface
  • Easy to change, even after high-temperature use up to 400°C
  • Non-stick surface stays clean and does not attract dust.



Lot Certification Available  
    CRS can provide chromatograms and other data for each production lot as well as full traceability.

CRS Cares:

Our attentiveness to our customers results in chromatography accessories that set new levels of value. At CRS, value is defined by quality products, technical support, guaranteed performance, and customer satisfaction.

We offer an unrivaled level of expertise in our team of experienced engineers, chemists, and production employees. Whatever the need may be, we will be dedicated to each and every custom project to guarantee customer satisfaction.


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