Pure-Pass Plasma Coated Silicone Mat, for 96 Wells-Slitted (5/pk)

Pure-Pass Plasma Coated Silicone Mat, for 96 Wells-Slitted (5/pk)

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• Offers the excellent chemical resistance of silicone
• Specially processed to reduce risk of accidental sample contamination (low bleed/extractables)
• Available in non-slit and slit versions. The slit version enhances sample recovery by reducing vacuum formation
• Plasma coating reduces the natural tackiness of silicone



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CRS Pure-Pass Sealing Mats protect wells from leaks, contamination, and evaporation during sampling and storage. Pure-Pass Sealing Mats are available in clean room molded EVA mats or silicone mats that undergo additional processes to reduce extractables. Silicone mats are plasma coated to reduce sticking. A pre-slit version is available for increased piercability. A superior re-seal reduces sample loss from evaporation. All Mats are for 96 round wells. Each mat has an alphanumeric grid reference and is suitable for long term storage.



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