CRS has several types of coating and surface treatments available for various materials.

Glass Barrier Coating
Creates a barrier to permeation of contaminants into samples, Prevents sample contact with plastics and creates a more hydrophilic surface with less adsorptive losses of some hydrophobic analytes.

Hydrophobic Barrier Coating
Same as glass barrier coating above. However, the surface termination is expected to minimize losses of hydrophobic analytes.

Low bind Coating
Minimizes binding of biomolecules and basic molecules on polypropylene surfaces.

Diamond Coating
A hard coating with low wear. Expected to minimize corrosion on smooth hard surfaces like metals.

Non-Stick / Low Friction
Applied plasma treatments create non-stick surfaces with low friction. Components stay clean and repel dust.

These are just a few of our capabilities.

Contact us regarding your application to see if we have an offering to fit your needs!