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  1. Alternatives to Glass Vials?

    Alternatives to Glass Vials?

    Glass Coated Well Plates? Sure, these glass coated well plates have been on the market for some time, but CRS has now developed our own line. We believe our Pure-Pass brand matches the quality of current offerings at a competitive price point. CRS Pure-Pass Well Plates are offered in the basic uncoated ultra-clean polypropylene plates, as well as the premium glass coated plates that provide additional barrier protections for those specific applications such as in bioanalysis or pharmaceutical sampling. The polar surface of the glass coating has been shown to substantially reduces the risk of adsorption.

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  2. The AFS Non-Hazardous Option - A Game Changer!

    The AFS Non-Hazardous Option - A Game Changer!

    The AFS has long been one of our flag ship gas purifier products here at CRS. It has remarkable lifetimes that wipe out the competition, with the combined benefit of the site glass for moisture and oxygen indicators. The only potential downfall that we repeatedly run into with end users was its “hazardous” shipping status. The media used in the AFS that allows for these extremely long lifetimes is also its downfall for end users that aren’t set up for receiving these special items, or want to deal with the extra cost associated with a hazardous shipping program.

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  3. 3A Moisture Trap for SFC

    3A Moisture Trap for SFC

    Chromatography Research Supplies (CRS) has developed a moisture filter specifically targeted to SFC end-users in petrochemical analysis using carbon dioxide as their mobile phase. In this specific application, the adsorption properties of the typical 5A or 13X molecular sieve media can cause rapid heating of the purifier cylinders from CO2 adsorption as well as the intended H2O molecules. With the CRS 3A molecular sieve filter, the smaller pore size allows for the removal of moisture while excluding almost all larger molecules, including the CO2 being used as the carrier.

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  4. New! Purifier Recommendation and Lifetime Estimate Inquiry Form

    New! Purifier Recommendation and Lifetime Estimate Inquiry Form

    We often get questions asking for lifetime estimates on filters. While we make our specifications conservative to try and get 1 year of life out of each filter from an "average" application; the truth is, this estimate can vary drastically based on the conditions of your application. To get a true estimate we have to collect some data pieces from you first! With our new form, you can easily gather the information needed and input it into the form. You are guaranteed to hear back from one of our team members by the next business day. Check it out...

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  5. Brass or Stainless Fittings?

    Brass or Stainless Fittings?

    You may want to consider switching to all steel!

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  6. Which Crimping Tool Do I Need?

    Which Crimping Tool Do I Need?

    Do you know which tool you should be using? Read on to be sure!

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  7. What is Hazardous Shipping?

    What is Hazardous Shipping?

      Dangerous Goods   Some of our filter customers may be all too aware of the dreaded “hazardous shipping fee”. But many of our customers may have never heard of it, or wonder why is my shipment considered hazardous? Everyone in any field of chemistry knows that there are some chemicals out there, possibly ones that are used every day...

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  8. Save Money, Time, and Aggravation with Clean Gas!

    Save Money, Time, and Aggravation with Clean Gas!

    How do you save money with gas filters?

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  9. Which Ferrule Should I Use?

    Which Ferrule Should I Use?

    Customers frequently ask about the differences in ferrule materials: "I have a non-GC application; what kind will work best?”

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  10. Employee Spotlight - Roxanne Doyle

    Employee Spotlight - Roxanne Doyle

    Introducing her in a new role, Roxanne Doyle, Account Manager.

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