Michelle is our marketing manager here at CRS. She graduated from the University of Louisville in 2012 with a Bachelors Degree in Marketing, Business Administration and Communication. She joined us in 2014 and is responsible for everything sales and marketing here at CRS!

  1. Brass or Stainless Fittings?

    Brass or Stainless Fittings?

    You may want to consider switching to all steel!

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  2. Filter Selection FAQ

    Filter Selection FAQ

    At CRS we have several customizable filter options to fit your specific application. We have outlined some common questions in the selection process.

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  3. Which Crimping Tool Do I Need?

    Which Crimping Tool Do I Need?

    Do you know which tool you should be using? Read on to be sure!

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  4. Time Saving Quick Connects

    Time Saving Quick Connects

    Quick Connect Fittings are specifically used to provide fast and efficient connections for easy filter changes.

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  5. What is Hazardous Shipping?

    What is Hazardous Shipping?

      Dangerous Goods   Some of our filter customers may be all too aware of the dreaded “hazardous shipping fee”. But many of our customers may have never heard of it, or wonder why is my shipment considered hazardous? Everyone in any field of chemistry knows that there are some chemicals out there, possibly ones that are used every day...

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  6. Which Ferrule Should I Use?

    Which Ferrule Should I Use?

    Customers frequently ask about the differences in ferrule materials: "I have a non-GC application; what kind will work best?”

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  7. Employee Spotlight - Roxanne Doyle

    Employee Spotlight - Roxanne Doyle

    Introducing her in a new role, Roxanne Doyle, Account Manager.

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  8. CRS Ultra™ Seals

    CRS Ultra™ Seals

    CRS Ultra™ seals offer a significant reduction in volatiles and semi-volatiles, reducing the overall risk of sample contamination.

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  9. Pittcon 2018 - Orlando, FL - Feb. 26th - Mar. 1st

    Pittcon 2018 - Orlando, FL - Feb. 26th - Mar. 1st

    CRS is happy to announce that we will be returning to the 2018 Pittcon.

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  10. Why Do I Need a Pressure Relief Valve?

    Why Do I Need a Pressure Relief Valve?

    If any pressure-regulating device downstream of the cylinder and upstream of the gas filter should fail,  dangerous overpressure can occur at the instrument or in the line...

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