CRS demands a certain level of quality in our products and
our ZPure Ultra Purifiers surpass even that by bringing a
new set of features to the line. The ZPure Ultra Purifiers
are designed for use when extremely pure gas and leak protection is critical
to the application; such as in the microelelctronics and
semiconductors industry.

These high-quality filters are constructed of 316 stainless
steel for maximum purity with an electropolished surface
finish. They contain a 0.003 μm outlet particle filter, have
long lifetimes, and can reach outlet purity to the ppb levels.
The ZPure Ultra Purifiers come standard with 1/4” metal
gasket seal fittings for superior leak ratings.

The ZPure Ultra is offered in 2 types of moisture removing
media, 3A or 5A; and another for hydrocarbon removal from
the source gas.