The AFS has long been one of our flag ship gas purifier products here at CRS. It has remarkable lifetimes that wipe out the competition, with the combined benefit of the site glass for moisture and oxygen indicators. The only potential downfall that we repeatedly run into with end users was its “hazardous” shipping status. The media used in the AFS that allows for these extremely long lifetimes is also its downfall for end users that aren’t set up for receiving these special items, or want to deal with the extra cost associated with a hazardous shipping program. The CRS response to this conundrum was of course to set sail on a project to allow for similar lifetimes within a nonhazardous product. While we could not achieve the exact specifications of lifetime expectancy… we got very close!

With the end user in mind, we have developed the PolyGas “Non-Hazardous” AFS. We have named it PolyGas after our other nonhazardous triple line. This product essentially gives you almost as much lifetime as the standard AFS, the combined benefit of the indicators, as well as no hazardous shipping fees! It is a win, win, win! You can check out the spec comparison between the filter systems below. This system will get you that long life maintenance schedule with the added protection of oxygen and moisture breakthrough indicators, all wrapped in a nice Non-hazardous package! Gather this info and contact us for details and lifetime estimates within your specific application.

AFS Spec Sheet

AFS non-hazardous Spec Sheet