Ever wish you could just be done with glass vials? It has long been a popular opinion that well plates are cheaper and simpler to use than individual glass vials. Glass vial production can be inconsistent and recent events have even made it hard to find a reliable supplier. Many customers dream of switching to well plates for the benefits of robotic handling automation or having the ability for multi pipette use. Unfortunately, the cost effective plastic plates can’t always be used as a substitute due to issues with adsorption or solvents not being compatible. Glass well plates have been a response to this obstacle, but they can get pricey and budget constraints can restrict their use. Glass coatings, however, could be another way out.

Sure, glass coated well plates have been on the market for some time, but CRS has now developed our own line. We believe our Pure-Pass brand matches the quality of current offerings, and we’ve introduced them at a competitive price point.

CRS Pure-Pass Well Plates are offered in basic uncoated, ultra-clean, polypropylene plates, as well as premium glass coated plates that provide additional barrier protections for specific applications (such as in bioanalysis or pharmaceutical sampling). The polar surface of the glass coating has been shown to substantially reduces the risk of adsorption.

Our clean manufacturing process in addition to our proprietary coatings process provides a level of low extractables and solvent stability that matches the highest quality plates in the market. When paired with our equally high quality sealing mats, one can see where coated well plates could become a more attractive option than individual vials for some customers. The mats have been compared for pierce-ability, reseal-ability, and evaporation rates, and have shown equal performance to high end sealing mats on the market. If you are looking to upgrade your current system to a higher level of automation, CRS Well Plates and Sealing Mats may be an option for you.  


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