International Shipping


 We know that our customers pay for quality products and they expect them to arrive in quality condition. How do we make sure that happens? In other words, what do we do to protect the investment you have made with our company?


All CRS products have product packaging that is meant to protect the item from any outside damage. Once your products have been pulled and double-checked for accuracy, they are packed in an inner box (if not already in one). All boxes are then packed in a double-wall outer box for shipping. We generally keep the weight under 45 lbs. for handling purposes. We have found that this box-in-a-box configuration and weight constraint drastically reduces damage claims on international shipments.


Once a shipment has been packed up, it is entered into our shipping system and the ship-to address is verified one final time for accuracy before it leaves our building. All necessary documents such as your packing slip and commercial invoice are confirmed as well. Once the designated carrier, picks up your consignment, it is on its way to you and should arrive in quality condition.


Of course, accidents do happen. On the rare occasion you do receive a damaged package from CRS, please contact us as soon as possible so that we can quickly provide a satisfactory solution!





If you have any questions or concerns regarding shipments or any other CRS services please contact Roxanne Doyle at