In 1991, Glenn Thomas was out of work and looking for a company to buy. He soon learned about a small distributor of chromatography supplies in the Chicago area called Chemical Research Supplies. He bought the company and Glenn decided to keep the initials CRS, but rename it to a more accurate description of the business. Also, as it turns out, small companies with “Chemical” in their name have a really hard time getting good insurance coverage. Thus, Chromatography Research Supplies was established.






Over the years CRS has achieved numerous milestones to be proud of. Many of you may remember these CRS stepping stones!




1993 - CRS introduces an improved low-bleed GC septum based on a revolutionary idea- it doesn’t crumble at high temperatures. With continual improvements BTO goes on to become the most popular GC septum in the world.







1995  -  Introduction of the Gas Purification System. Replaceable cartridges and a choice of manifolds make ultra-high purity gas attainable and affordable. The GPS solidifies CRS’ position as a manufacturer of gas purifiers for chromatography.






CRS Timeline


1999  -  CRS relocated to a custom-built facility in Louisville, Kentucky designed for efficient manufacturing.





CRS Timeline




2000   -  Introduction of the first battery-operated, hand-held sample-vial crimper for 8 mm to 20 mm caps. Wrist fatigue is a thing of the past!









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2002  -  CRS management system is certified to ISO 9001:2000.






afs mounted in lab



2008  - The Advanced Filter System becomes the new flagship purifier for GC/MS carrier gas lines. One replaceable cartridge combines outstanding capacity and efficiency. It removes multiple contaminants with two sensitive depletion indicators. The double internal seals are suitable for hydrogen use, and the available reconditioning program is eco-friendly.



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2010  -  Ergonomic manual crimping tools are developed with ease of use in mind. Light weight with easy crimp adjustment and bottom pull lever that stabilizes vials while crimping.












2011 -  The 5th Revision of the Electronic Crimping tool is launched. Design upgrades made it stronger, quieter and longer-lasting.







Gas Filters web group

2013  -  ZPure Gas Filters are Introduced along with Double-Seal ZPure Glass filters. A range of options are available for virtually every application in the GC lab and many beyond it such as spectroscopy, lithography, and laser purge gases, high-flow ICP, and TOC zero gas.




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2013  -  Facilities expanded by 50% with new laboratory, additional office and engineering space as well as improved automatic inventory handling.




ZPure Filters with B.SS Fittings



2016  -   ZPure line is extended to include additional filter sizes and fitting options that include quick-connect and push-to-connect fittings.









Over the years CRS has evolved from being primarily a distributor, to a leading manufacturer of specialized products for laboratory use. We continue to distribute chromatography products worldwide.


CRS today is a diverse team of 38 people from 8 countries all based in Louisville, Kentucky. Most of us have been here for over 10 years, and some of us have worked together for over 20 years. We would like to thank you all for helping us get here, and we look forward to serving you for many years to come.


thank you