Choosing the right Septa:

CRS offers several lines of quality septa products. So how do you know which one is right for your application? We are here to help! Various applications may cause different wear and tear on you septa! Whether your problem is bleeding, coring, or sticking septa, we have a product that fits your chromatography needs!

Premium Septa are preconditioned for low bleed, and plasma coated to reduce sticking.  The plasma coating is a non-stick surface treatment that ensures the septum is easy to change, even after exposure to high temperature use. It stays clean, does not attract dust, and reduces sticking to other septa.





The CenterGuide™ design is a precision molded septa that have a recess on the injection side to guide the syringe needle to the same point with every injection, effectively reducing coring. The CenterGuide requires less force for initial penetration, for a smoother feel.

Our Marathon Septa are pre-pierced to give long injection life for autosampling and to reduce coring and enhance reliable performance. They are recommended for SPME and temperatures up to 350° C.

The BTO premium septa are intended for higher temperature ranges and low bleed capillary columns. They are recommended for temperatures up to 400° C and the plasma treatment virtually eliminates injection port sticking.

Our AG3 line is a high temperature septa that is recommended for use up to 350°C.

We also offer a diverse line of general purpose septa for your routine GC applications.







If you have any additional questions on septa use and which line to choose. Contact or call us at 502-491-6300.