Suffer from low septa life in your GC analysis due to coring, bleeding, or sticking? CRS has the solution to improve the life of your septa in all of these aspects.


CRS Premium septa are precision-molded with a recess on the injection side. The recess guides the syringe needle to the same point with every injection. This CenterGuide™ design requires less force for initial penetration for a much smoother injection. Our  Marathon prepierced septa  may enhance septa life in some applications by minimizing tearing and coring often found in general purpose septa use.







Center point guides the needle for easy penetration

Reduces needle bending

Reduce coring and tearing with pre-pierced Marathon Septa

Precision molding assures accurate fit

Packaged in glass jars for high purity


The CenterGuide design is available in 5, 9, 11, 11.5, 12.7 and 17 mm sizes for Septa BTO®, Advanced Green 3™ and Marathon™.








Septa BTO®

bto2Septa BTO is bleed and temperature optimized for the most demanding GC and GC-MS applications. Septa BTO is formulated to retain remarkable softness and pierceability at high temperatures, with extremely low bleed, and has been optimized to reduce injection port adhesion.




Marathon Septa™

marathonThis is an advanced GC septum for autosampler use, with significantly longer life and prepierced for less tearing and coring during use. The Marathon septum typically achieves 400 injections without failure when used with a rounded-tip (HP-style) needle and autosampler or needle guide. The Marathon septum is ideal for standard manual injection GC and GC-MS.




Advanced Green 3 Septa™



The CRS Advanced Green 3 septum was created to combine significantly longer injection life, low bleed and low injection port adhesion. The result is a green septum you can use for all your critical analyses.





CRS also offers a diverse line of general purpose septa for your routine GC applications.


Economy Blue Septa

Ultrasep R

Puresep T

Puresep P

If you have any additional questions on septa use and which line to choose. Contact or call us at 502-491-6300.