How should I install my gas filter?

Whenever possible purifiers should be installed in a vertical position to prevent “channeling” of the gas stream, which can lead to premature contaminant breakthrough. Purifiers are carefully packed with adsorbents in the form of beads or granules, with the actual form depending on the adsorbent. But even with careful packing, as cereal boxes often say, some settling of contents may occur. If the purifier is installed horizontally and the adsorbent settles, it might fall away slightly from the upper part of the filter body and create a void. Some small fraction of the gas traveling through the purifier will find these channels, which have lower resistance to flow than the adsorbents. With no adsorbent in the path the contaminants won’t be removed. Gas flowing through the bulk adsorbent bed will have contaminant removal as expected, but when ppm-level contamination is bad, any channeling at all should be avoided. Channeling can also cause the purifier’s indicator to change before the filter’s full capacity has been reached.


Alternatively, when a purifier is installed vertically, any settling would have a minimal effect of very slightly increasing the packing density. The gas will be able to flow through the entire adsorbent bed which allows for the highest purity and full use of the capacity.


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