Like many Chromatographers, you have probably fallen victim to septum sticking, whether it be to each other or to the injection port, it can be a frustrating problem to have! Silicone rubber is inherently sticky and prone both to binding to the injection port fitting and to attracting dust and contamination during handling and installation.

The CRS Non-stick coating technique rebuilds the silicone rubber surface to reduce sticking over the full temperature range, from room temperature to the maximum operating temperatures of the most popular instruments. No potential contaminants are added to the surface during the coating process.


btoAll CRS Premium GC Septa are plasma-coated to prevent sticking. This ensures that less dust sticks to the silicone during installation. The coating allows for easier replacement and cleaner analyses.




oringCRS first applied the non-stick plasma coating technology to GC Septa, and has now developed a similar process to manufacture Clean Seals for GC use as well. The application calls for very low volatiles as measured by GC, and a low tendency to stick to fittings surfaces, even at high temperatures.






High Temperature Performanceplate

Accelerated high-temperature tests show adhesion of silicone rubber formulations to a steel plate, with and without the CRS Non-Stick coating. The difference in adhesion is readily apparent. In actual use this performance translates to easier septum removal and less injection port cleanup.









Ease of Part Handlingcleaned

Plasma coated silicon parts resist dust and contamination during handling and installation. In the pictures below, an uncoated and coated septum were exposed to a dusty surface and then cleaned with a blast of air. The coated septum is nearly spotless, while dirt remains on the uncoated septum.







Coated parts also have low adhesion to glass, metal, and other silicones for easier part handling and assistance in automatic feeds.

If you are tired of wasting time cleaning up injection ports due to septum adhesion, consider trying the CRS Premium Non-Stick GC Septa.






If you have any additional questions on our plasma coating technology, contact or call us at 502-491-6300.