Quick Connect (QC) Fittings are rising in popularity. There are many fitting types available for gas filters, but these are specifically used to provide fast and efficient connections for easy filter changes. They have two parts, a male and female, that screw together to provide a make-or-break seal. Once they are installed on the gas lines, replacing the filter is much quicker and easier than when using compression fittings. You simply screw off the filter and replace it with another, all while your gas lines are safely sealed by the check valve. The check valve functions to protect the gas line from outside contaminants when they are disconnected. The filter end also has this check valve to protect the media inside. The two O-ring seal is located on the replacement filter. This guarantees that each time you replace the filter, you get brand new seals. Competitor fittings have o-rings on the fitting end only. This means that you are tasked with replacing these yourself with each filter change, or you risk potential leaks with repeated use.


Competitor fittings have sharp points that are exposed during filter changes. These are used to puncture the filter for gas flow. If a filter setup needed to be moved or reconfigured, there is no way to reseal the competitor filter once it is punctured. This would allow air into the filter to contaminate or possibly deplete the media.














Products such as QC Fittings aim to save you time in common maintenance tasks such as filter changes. At CRS, we are continually researching time-saving techniques to improve your lab efficiency.


Watch Video HERE to see demo of QC setup.


You can add the Quick Connect Fittings to any Stainless Steel or Glass ZPure Filter.