For purifiers without indicators, the decision of when to change out your traps can be made by estimating the likely level of contaminants - referencing the gas supplier’s specs and making allowance for contamination during cylinder changes - and calculating the length of time until depletion, based on flow rate and the purifier’s stated capacity. Be sure your purifier actually meets it’s specs, see our blog "Gas Purifier Specs – Who’s Counting?"

Another option is to simply define a replacement schedule, typically yearly, or bi-annually with large-capacity purifiers.





But the easiest and most obvious answer is to use a purifier with a built-in indicator: order a replacement when it starts turning color! There should be enough residual capacity in the purifier to last a few days until the replacement arrives. If the indicator turns quickly there may be a large leak in the line that needs to be located and fixed. The purifier will have been depleted early, but at least it protected your analytical work!


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