Battery Tools vs High Power Tools

The Battery Units

CRS battery powered crimping tools are single size units. The jaws are stationary in the tool and not interchangeable. The battery units are beneficial to users that only require 1 or 2 different sizes or functions of jawsets. The user would have separate tools for each function that they needed. For example, a 20mm crimper and a 20mm decapper. The battery units can be used cordless and will perform 800 crimps or more per charging cycle; but can also be operated continuously while on the charger. It is intended for users that satisfy all the below uses.

I only use standard aluminum crimp caps. Battery units will not crimp steel caps.

I have 2 or less jawset needs. More than 2 would make the high power unit more economical.

I would like to use the tool cordless.

I don’t mind having 2 separate tools for each functional need. Jawsets are not interchangeable.

If you are crimping and decapping 11mm vials. A Tool is needed for each requirement, jawsets are a part of the unit- no additional jaws needed:

The High Power Tools

The High Power (HP) Crimping Tool is a more powerful version of the battery unit that has must be connected to a power supply. The High power tool however, does not have a stationary jawset. Users must order the jawsets of their choosing separately from the tool. It is intended for users that satisfy one or more of these requirements:

I have applications requiring 3 or more functions (Crimping and decapping possibly in more than one size) It is more economical to purchase a HP tool and interchangeable jawsets than a battery unit for each size needed.

I use all-steel or steel-ring caps. The battery units are not strong enough for steel caps and would require the HP tool.

I don’t want multiple tools laying around, I would rather have one tool with interchangeable jawsets even with only 2 jawset needs. This requires the HP tool.

I don’t mind having to use the tool while plugged in. The high power tool is not cordless and a base stand is recommended while in use.

If you are crimping and decapping 11mm and 20mm vials. A single HP Tool is needed and 4 jawsets that cover each function:

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