The Benefits of Electronic Crimpers and Decappers

Are you still crimping your chromatography vials with a manual hand crimper? Crimping all those vials by hand takes valuable time away from your analysis! The Electronic Crimping Tool from CRS will save you the strain, stress, and time wasted with a bulky metal manual crimper.

Competitors crimpers made of heavy metal can be tough to use and hard to get a firm, accurate seal. If you have hundreds of samples to cap and crimp, your day in the lab can seem like real manual labor! By using the electronic crimper, you can prevent injuries from repetitve stress actions such as vial crimping with a bulky manual crimper.

With the electronic crimpers powerful motor, you can crimp vials with the push of a button. If you have ever under-crimped a vial cap, you know that this can lead to sample loss by either leaking from the tipped over vial, or evaporation from the poor seal over time.


Over-Crimping a vial could also result in sample loss from the septa being sucked through the cap and not being flush against the edges. You could also break the glass vial during crimping, or while trying to remove the over-crimped cap with a decapper.




The Electronic Crimper from CRS has adjustable, accurate settings so that you can be sure your crimp has a perfect seal  every time. A correctly crimped vial can easily be decapped with the electronic decapping tool.




The Electronic Crimping Tools are powered by a 6.4 Volt Lithium Ion Battery that under average use gets around 800 crimps/decaps per charge. The unit can be used while charging and has about a 2 hour recharge time. They can be used on standard laboratory vials and seals with aluminum or two-part aluminum/steel caps.



For tougher caps, we recommend using the High Power Electronic Crimping Tool with interchangeable jaw sets. It has a fixed power supply with a more compressive force for all steel or magnetic caps.

CRS offers the optional bases with mounting kits, or small desk stands for ease of use and convenient storage of the tools.






The Crimping Tools are available in 8 (crimper only), 11, 13, and 20 mm cap sizes. Crimping Tools for flip off caps are available in 13 and 20 mm only. Stop straining and stressing over manual crimping and decapping, and check out the Electronic Crimping Tool line from CRS!






If you have any additional questions on our electronic crimping tool line, contact or call us at 502-491-6300.