Useful and relevant discussions related to the gas chromatography industry including product information, troubleshooting, FAQ and recommendations from skilled experts.

  1. Gas Purifier Installation – Vertical or Horizontal?

    Gas Purifier Installation – Vertical or Horizontal?

    Whenever possible purifiers should be installed in a vertical position to prevent “channeling” of the gas stream, which can lead to premature contaminant breakthrough.

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  2. Clean Elastomeric Materials

    Clean Elastomeric Materials

    At CRS we normally examine ‘emissions and extractables’ with a couple of different GC methods. Read about our process...

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  3. CRS Reconditioning Program

    CRS Reconditioning Program

    This benefits our customers by saving money on cartridges and also helps save the planet by keeping heavy metal cartridges from entering our landfills.

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  4. Indicator Sensitivity – It Matters!

    Indicator Sensitivity – It Matters!

    Many gas purifiers include internal indicators, usually for oxygen or water. They change color as they react with the contaminant, which signals depletion of the main adsorbent bed in the purifier.

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  5. 25 Years of Innovation...

    25 Years of Innovation...

    In 1991, Glenn Thomas was out of work and looking for a company to buy. Read more about the history behind CRS...

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  6. CRS Cares About Your Investment!

    CRS Cares About Your Investment!

    We know that our customers pay for quality products and they expect them to arrive in quality condition. How do we make sure that happens? In other words, what do we do to protect the investment you have made with our company?

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  7. Alltech Replacements are at CRS!

    Alltech Replacements are at CRS!

    Having trouble finding your old Alltech® products? CRS has replacements for Alltech Purifiers and Grace Chromatography Accessories!

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  8. Ultra-High Purity Hydrogen Gas

    Ultra-High Purity Hydrogen Gas

    An easy way to combine the convenience and safety of a permeation-based hydrogen generator with the ultra-high-purity outlet needed for capillary GC is to place a dedicated point-of-use gas purifier downstream of the generator.

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  9. What Type of Fitting Do I Need on my Gas Filter?

    What Type of Fitting Do I Need on my Gas Filter?

    There are many kinds of fittings on the market for gas filters, including standard compression fittings, quick connect fittings, and push to connect fittings- to name a few. We are going to take a look at the different kinds of fittings and their applications

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  10. Gas Purifier Specs – Who’s Counting?

    Gas Purifier Specs – Who’s Counting?

    High-purity gas is essential for the best GC results. Many point-of-use gas purifiers are available on the market to clean lower grades of gas to carrier grade gas. The point-of-use purifiers come in all kinds of sizes, prices and (claimed) capacities

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